Jim Henderson, CEO

James Henderson was born and raised in Santa Rosa. Jim is one of those rare people who knew exactly what he wanted to do for a living from a very young age. As early as the 5th grade he had a passion for architecture and he has studied and perfected his skills from that point forward. 

Jim studied at the University of Arizona in Tucson where he achieved a 5 year degree with a Bachelor or Architecture. During his education he took a special interest in passive solar techniques and focused on designing buildings that took advantage of the climatic characteristics of the region, minimizing energy consumption and maximizing the way the building performed for its occupants. This regional building focus is the basis of what is now a popular trend called "green" building. For Jim the "green" movement is a mainstreaming of what good Architects have been doing all along.

After completing college, Jim moved to Austin, Texas and worked for a quickly growing firm producing designs and projects of various project types, including large office buildings, resort projects, golf clubhouses, light industrial buildings and office parks. During his impressive career he has held many management positions, including his years as project manager at Dell Computer. This opportunity gave Jim the experience of overseeing the conception, development, and construction of several large fast-track projects where the annual capital budget for construction was $500 million. Jim was one of two architects on staff and would manage multiple, large projects. Most buildings built by Dell Computer at that time were in the $10 to $12 million range.

As he continued to manage the construction of buildings for Dell Computer, he controlled the financial and operational success of over three-quarters of a million square feet of building space. At Dell he experienced working with large groups in a politically charged, corporate environment to develop strategies for growth and execute them on time. Jim hired architects and consultants to design buildings to meet the programs he developed. He then hired the contractors to build the buildings, managed the process, and coordinated the move-in activities of each department involved. Once the buildings were completed, Jim managed the day-to-day operations of the buildings on the campus that were under his responsibility.

This unique experience is what makes Jim different than most architects. He has been in the client's position before and understands the stresses, issues and concerns every client has while trying to develop a successful project. Jim brings this vast experience to every project no matter how large or small. In 2003 Jim founded Henderson Architect, and with a hands-on approach he offers personal attention to detail in a collaborative spirit, with the client at the center of each project.